Look who is sitting in the back of the bus with the cool kids😎 Tucker had a great last week with us and is basically a normal dog now. He will likely always have a little bit of anxiety due to his vision impairment but that can easily be managed with consistent leadership so that he feels he can trust and rely on his people and not worry as much. Today was Tucker’s graduation hike and he is headed home to his family tonight. Well done Tucker 🎉 #tuckerandbailey #takeahike #packhike #dogadventures #dogtraining #vernondogtraining #rottweiler #rottweilerhuskymix #dogrehab #boardandtrain #graduation #backofthebus @scottyknows45



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    Yay!!!! Good work!

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    Amazing what can be changed!

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    Yay! Such a great story to follow! Happy Tucker!

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