A lot of the time when I cook for my crew I think how can I get more nutrients into this meal. I see my job as directly influencing their health and wellness because I provide pretty much all that they eat much like a parent with their children! Our bodies need nutrients to function properly and to get this we need to be eating a variety of fruit and veg. I’m not a qualified nutritionist but I have a keen interest in food as medicine because of many (too many) friends, as well as my own, cancer experiences. As a chef my passion is for creating food that not only tastes incredible but also feels incredible and I hope helps to heal. Cutting out the fried food and processed things and replacing them with more meals made from raw ingredients will greatly help your overall health and in turn, happiness. On top of this, getting out into nature for walks and learning how to breath properly as well as allowing yourself relaxation time with quiet activities and meditation are incredible for assisting in healing. These are long term lifestyle changes not fads. You need to treat your body as if it’s your prized super car, you wouldn’t put shit gasoline in a high performance car and expect it to operate well. We spend so much time focusing on other things in our lives and just take for granted that our bodies will simply operate after we continue to abuse it with alcohol, drugs, shit food and not exercising. While we are young we can perhaps get away with this but eventually the mistreatment catches up with all of us. So many people don’t understand that your body is your greatest possession and needs to be nurtured and cared for like it is. Love your body, care for it and do lovely things for it. It definitely deserves it! This little delight is made with soy, honey, ginger, garlic, chilli, red peeper, spring onions and organic tofu with brown rice. And to add more of nature’s love and nutrients it’s wrapped in collard greens. Tip: cut the thickest part of the stem and then gently make an incision along the length of the stem left. This helps to allow the leaf to roll. #healthyfood #plantbased #vegan #highvibefood #cookingclass #cookingcoach #loveyourbody



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    That looks amaze balls

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    #organic #nutrients #nutritiousanddelicious

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    Well said there Bootie 🙏

  • @andrewgrs 2:39 PM Jan 20, 2018

    Well said indeed!

  • @sarah.shelton.palmer 6:28 PM Jan 20, 2018

    Very well said 🤘🏼 And this looks delicious 💜✨

  • @abeautyfulllife 9:49 PM Jan 20, 2018

    Love this post and your curry in the leaf is gorgeous! Check out the health risks of Tofu Hun... it’s on the list of nastiest with a healthy reputation. Elaine Hollingsworth has a very informative book out called take control of your health and avoid the sickness industry (intense name I know but I think you’ll love it!) it has a good rave about soy. 💋😎✌️

  • @themindfulchefette 10:25 PM Jan 20, 2018

    Thanks @abeautyfulllife 💚 I’ll check out the book. I have read lots of reports on soy and tofu and it’s very conflicting. Some say it’s benefits are incredible and others say it’s terrible, is highly GMO’d etc. When you go down the rabbit hole of the food industry you can be left feeling that nothing is safe to eat. At some point you just have to make a leap of faith, trust some brands and be aware of how certain foods make you feel. I do my best to cook variety and the best possible quality I can get. I don’t cook or eat a lot of tofu because of the conflicting studies but when I do I only use organic non GMO in the hope that the labels are not lying and there are no extra nasties in it. I use it for my avid meat eaters who, before I started to cook for them, felt like they need meat for every meal, now most of the food I cook for crew is meat free and everyone is enjoying it and comments how much better they feel. I believe we have to be ‘mindful’ of what we cook, aware of reports good and bad and then see what feels best for us as individuals. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about this. ✨🙏🏽💚

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    F88d 4 S8ul*

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    Amazing... despite being a little scared about how he tofu might turn out and draw in the flavours, tried this one you last to great success!! A teaspoon of honey really rounded the flavours!!! Thank you for the inspiration 🙏

  • @themindfulchefette 12:50 PM Jan 26, 2018

    @griffintl78 awesome! My pleasure, it’s nice to know that the posts are inspiring people! 💙