Happy Friday Everyone! For those who haven't had the opportunity to visit our clinic, here's a preview of what to expect! This is where all the magic happens and where smiles are made. We walk into Vogue Dental Studios each day feeling proud of what we have accomplished and for meeting all the wonderful patients who become our friends. We have received so much praise and support from all our loyal followers and we are excited to show you all what the rest of 2017 holds! Here's a big THANK YOU to everyone reading this. We wish you all a fun, safe and happy weekend! #voguedentalstudios #goaldigger #drdeesmiles #wheresmilesaremade #cosmeticdentistry #Melbourne #Blackburn

Vogue Dental Studios



  • @richarddunlopinteriors 5:30 AM Jun 23, 2017

    Pretty! <3

  • @zdrowa_buzia 5:40 AM Jun 23, 2017

    Australia I miss you 😘

  • @arq_sher 5:48 AM Jun 23, 2017

    I'll go some day, hello from Honduras 💙

  • @voguedentalstudios 10:01 AM Jun 23, 2017

    @arq_sher☺️thank you for your love

  • @voguedentalstudios 10:02 AM Jun 23, 2017

    @zdrowa_buzia 😍

  • @voguedentalstudios 10:03 AM Jun 23, 2017

    @lilrich_84 still waiting for your finishing touch 😊

  • @richarddunlopinteriors 11:10 AM Jun 23, 2017

    @voguedentalstudios I was doing some sketches before! Name a time and a place and we will finish it 👌🏼🙌🏾